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Ellie TaftEllie Taft
Author & Systems Designer

Computer systems analyst Ellie Taft discovered trading in 1992 when she went to work for Commodity Trend Service. 

Before the Internet, CTS was the futures trader’s preeminent source for charts and information.  Working side-by-side with industry leaders, Ellie developed a keen sense of the markets and a flair for writing, along with a personal relationship with legendary trading icons.

After eight years at CTS, Ellie left the corporate world to become a financial copywriter and an accomplished trader. Producing material for the world’s most respected stock, option, futures, and Forex traders has given Ellie unique insight you will surely appreciate. 

She has studied their methods, analyzed their performance, and interviewed their customers.  But most important, she has compared today’s hottest strategies with the most successful techniques in trading history.   Ellie flat-out knows what works and what doesn’t!

Happy in her behind-the-scenes role, Ellie became an author in her own right quite by accident.  Her first book, Dad’s Legacy—Blazing the Forex Trail to the American Dream, was written for the sole benefit of her six younger brothers and sisters.  She wanted to show her non-trader siblings how they could use a small portion of their inheritance to seek a life-long legacy of financial freedom.

Dad’s Legacywas not intended for mass publication.  But, Ellie’s fun-to-read style and solid track-record gave friends at Tradewins Publishing other ideas.  Hence, Dad’s Legacybecame a website, a series of publications and computer programs, and ultimately Legacy Wealth Builder-- an exclusive program of “privileged entitlement” designed to help folks from all walks of life seek their own American Dream. 


Alicyn TaftAlicyn Taft
Member Needs Specialist

In 2000 Alicyn Taft, Ellie’s little sister, left a prosperous financial career to enjoy her newborn baby girl.  And for 8 years she savored every minute of being a stay-at-home mom

But then, Dad’s Legacy took on a life of its own… spawning Legacy II, Legacy Day Trader, and Legacy Wealth Builder… and this new baby was screaming for attention!

Ellie asked for her help.  And, true to form, Alicyn rallied big time. 

How the youngest of 7 children developed her exceptional ability to recognize the needs of others, and fill them, is a wonder.  But, Alicyn is the very best needs-filler you’re ever going to find.  And Alicyn is here to help you!


Duane DavisDuane Davis
Investment Software Systems

Duane Davis has spent the past 20 years testing and fine-tuning trading systems.  Scientific research conducted by his firm, Investment Software Systems, is behind several of the most successful systems on the market.

But system development is only the beginning.  Once a system is honed to perfection, the systems administrator must make sure the power stays on and the signals keep coming. 

You’ll rest easy knowing that Legacy Wealth Builder software is housed at Investment Software Systems.  There, under Duane’s careful scrutiny and cautious checks-and-balances, trade signals will be generated with utmost care. 



Steve SchmidtSteve Schmidt
TradeWins Publishing

Steve Schmidt has been a respected and popular behind-the-scenes member of the financial community since he was only 14 years old.

While other 8th graders struggled with book reports on Moby Dick, Steve was editing financial publications for family-owned Windsor Books.  And over summer vacation, he traveled coast-to-coast with the famous Larry Williams for his trading seminars.

Later, juggling school with journalistic endeavors, Steve continued to keep investors informed of exciting new developments while earning his MBA from the State University of New York.

In 1994, Schmidt founded Tradewins Publishing, dedicated to providing high-quality education and innovative tools for the serious investor. Working only with the most successful authors, analysts, and instructors, Steve Schmidt and TradeWins Publishing have earned their reputation for being a name you can trust. .